People work because they need a job to make a living maybe make a difference in somebody else’s life. There is a chance that there either happy or extremely miserable about what they do. Regardless they serve a purpose whether they know it.

For instance maybe a cashier at a supermarket giving advice in a friendly smile to a consumer who just having a bad day. Or could be a fast food worker serving dinner meal to somebody who just got laid off from work. Maybe it’s a bank teller or mortgage lender helping somebody deposit a check to pay the rent or mortgage. Regardless of what we think or a status in terms of work or workers not robots serve a purpose and that should be acknowledgment given for the service or product they provide you. 

So let’s give a cheer to our workers out there who are trying to the best that I can maybe not doing the best I just getting a paycheck because we all care at least we all should care.