Many food packaging remains the same for a long time, i.e. Coca Cola, which is recognized as a fixture for beverages all over the world with their red can and white fancy letters. Same holds true for McDonald’s with its yellow golden arches.

Thus, the question becomes is does it matter whether a food manufacturer updates their packaging?

I think it helps, if only for the reason is that the food with the old packaging gets rotated to the front and gets sold before the expiration date. Plus, changing the fonts and colors on a package makes it more appealing, like RiceWorks chips did on its bags of Chili Chips.

So if the purpose is to flush out old inventory then updating packaging works. If it is to shrink the package size then I can see the logic to change it as well.

I expect more food manufacturers to continue updating their packaging regardless of its intention. If you see a new package on a familiar product take a pic and post it on my blog. Or send me a pic at Include in the subject line: New Packaging Design.