If you are not in management, chances are extremely high that you are receiving wages on an hourly basis. For example, you work 40 hours per week at $10 per hour will yield you a weekly gross income of $400 per week.

That equates to a whopping income (not including bonuses, of course) to $20,800.oo per year.

Per minute at $10 per hour would be sixteen point six, six… cents — $.16666667 to be precise.

Any way you slice time $10 an hour or almost $.17 cents per minute is not a lot.

Which is why I recommend bonus or acknowledgement rewards for time well spent.

Some workers waste their minute on social media, going to the water fountain. sitting down, etc. Walk into any office and you will see workers sitting in their cubicles wasting time, doing all sorts of things or nothing. Trust me I was a time destroyer.

However, stock clerk, sales associates, hourly wage workers have so much power to make a lasting impact on a customer for a lifetime and still get paid $10 per hour.

For instance, someone walks into your supermarket, a new customer who has just left your competitor because of the way they were treated. Maybe their needs were not met, etc. Could be anything.

Anyway the customer walks into your store and you greet them with kindness in the first minute you engage with them. The minute you spend with them makes them a customer in your store for life.

Think about that. You create a new customer who may spend $100 or more in your store per week.

That’s $5,200 per year; multiplied by 10 and that’s $52,000 of revenue you just created for $20,000.

Now that’s just one customer. What if you made a positive impression on 10, 25, 50….100s. All that you are bringing in is not reflected in your bottom line.

If you think, or know, you are good at what you do for $20,000 per year. It might be a good idea to read some sales books on the side or think about ways to increase you income. No not by getting a second $10 job but leveraging it out.

It is too bad that society looks down on our retail workers. There are tens of thousands making a difference. Many earning less than $10 per hour. In a minute the value they create could be worth $50, $100 or $1,000 per week.

Supermarkets are in sum very good places to work. The long, chaotic hours are a struggle, but there will always be work and the industry is booming. Just look at Amazon and Whole Foods as two examples. Hourly wage workers far less often miss out on their value and don’t realize the impact they are making on customers. They should be recognized for that. Some places acknowledge their workers for a fine job. Others could do better.

I know a twenty-something worker is passing through for a company and is trained to work in a certain manner in terms of the company mission and culture. Work is work. But providing value as a marketing rep (disguised in a uniform) is extremely valuable to any business and is often taken for granted.

So be aware about the power of time.

In a minute.

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