I can’t help to wonder if I’m filling my refrigerator with way too much food from the supermarket.

For instance, I buy two 59oz containers of orange juice instead of one, or two dozen eggs or two half gallons of Silk Almond Dark Chocolate milk  Oh, can’t forget the 10 cups of Chowan yogurt and the side of chilled guacamole for the party. The list goes on and on and the reason why consumers risk overstocking their fridge?

To get the items on sale.

So what happens. We have too much food stored in the refrigerator. Only those who can afford the fridge in the pic I provided with the French double doors and Microsoft technology on the screen can afford a bigger house, kitchen, … and more food.

Yes, consumers have bigger and bigger TV screens, larger smart phones, tablets and now there may be a need for consumers to purchase a bigger refrigerator. Refrigerators with all the bells and whistles and can stock a lot of food. Those who can stock both a six pack of beer and two 12 packs of colas.

So what is the risk of piling in too much food in your refrigerator?

Tossing most of it or putting it in without touching it and then tossing it. Supermarkets can live with the fact that the food you bought expires in your refrigerator or freezer. They have your money. It is ironic how inefficiently we take care and monitor our food. Maybe a smart fridge is in order to track our purchases and consumption that will help budget and create our grocery lists. Or maybe a refrigerator that has AI technology that orders your groceries, which a drone delivers to your door and then put away with your robot.

Sounds like the Jetsons cartoon, right. That is, — if you are that old to remember the futuristic cartoon program.

But the future is now and technology is speeding up and will converge with our supermarkets and grocery shopping more and more.

So cherish your refrigerator, and not to over fill it.