Picture getting your groceries bagged by a robot…who looks like a human perhaps.

The vision of robots working at your supermarkets sounds like something out of a crazed science fiction novel, is now being thought of by technology disruptor and retail giant: Amazon.

According to an article published in the February 5th edition of the New York Post, Amazon Go is creating a prototype for a supermarket to be run with a bunch of robots and just three HUMAN employees.

Yes, I said three employees.

Regardless of what you think about Jeff Bezos and his vision, at least he has one. It might not be to everyone’s liking but it’s a vision that is disruptive and will force other supermarkets to think in a disruptive manner too in an industry that is booming, but where the competition is fierce.

No go make sure all of the staff robots have received their WD-40 squirts before they bag groceries.