Be ready for VR to make a significant change to the way we see things, no pun intended. The technology may make us happier, for example, if you are snowed in you can put your headset on and take in a sunny view at the beach.

Or maybe you need a virtual friend to grocery shop with: throw on the headset and walk the aisles.

For now, you will need a device like a smart phone to view with the less expensive headset like a ViewMaster, but sooner or later I predict the phone or digital device will be available in every headset.

Experts believe that VR will be a supplement or an add on to our technology. I believe it will be much, much more, this is based alone that we use our devices over 11 hours per day according to Statista the online stats portal. I predict that VR will be used for movies, email, advertising on a scale of 5 to 6 hours a day. This is just and educated guess, but people acknowledge that it is a part of their body that they can live without. The same will hold true with their VR headsets.