When a food manufacturer updates their packaging consumers may be on autopilot and not blink an eye.

However, there are three benefits to updating packaging.

  1. The packaging gets a facelift. What’s old is new again. Anytime a food manufacturer updates their packaging it attracts new consumers. Although I can’t prove it, but for aware customers of their brand they will still buy the product. In fact, they may think the food tastes better. The trend in food packaging has been providing content that highlights the benefits like Gluten Free or Organic, instead of indicating less of a perceived bad product, like less salt or sugar.
  2. The food manufacturers can make packaging that is better and sturdy. Take a look at MorningStar Farms who removed the cardboard boxes with some of their packages and provided resealable bags. Totino’s Pizza shrank their packaging to make it easier to place a bunch in your freezer and be sustainable using thin plastic bags. Plus I think plastic packaging in frozen doors holds up better than cardboard boxes then tend to open and get ripped easier.
  3. Most importantly, it allows the food brokers within each supermarket remove the products with the old packaging because the product is out of date. Food brokers, and customers, who pay attention to packaging will 95% of the time push aside the old packaging and pluck the new packaging from the shelf. Even if that means the new packaging is small and contains less. Also the new packaging means NEW and people like new things, new products and new food. It has a longer shelf life and your food is not expired. I pulled out some boxes of Kashi frozen waffles last week because the product was not rotated and the due date of December 2016 has come and gone. A frozen food product should be rotated more frequently but it is a challenge. I developed a prototype to create a food rotating machine, but don’t have the funds to make it happen, Interested in developing a food rotator with me, send me an email to groceronamission@gmail.com.

I propose that food manufacturers place small RFID tags in their food manufacturing that can track the expiration date and save food and product.

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