I was watching 20/20 last week with Diane Sawyer on ABC interviewing service workers who work long hours at low wages with no upward mobility. The hidden middle class.

Amazed by stories like the person who works at both McDonald’s and Burger King in eight hour shifts had such a good attitude. Hard working and getting on the buses going to work to make a living.

There was also the story of a service worker, who worked cleaning the VISA headquarters for years and was final given a $25 VISA gift card as a gift and a small way to “Say Thank You”.

There are millions and millions of working Americans who are completely taken for granted. They work a job that most people would not do: flip burgers, clean floors, stock groceries, etc. Yes, we can make the excuse that everyone has the opportunity to do better. I get it. However, it is a challenge and if you have a family with children you cannot sever a job that you have to take a risk and lose it all.

Thus it would not be a bad idea to raise wages and give stock to existing service workers, i.e. in supermarkets, fast food and retail shops. Some companies already do it.

The other thing I would strongly urge for people who shop and manage others is this:

To say “Thank You”. 

If you can says thanks to the fast food cashier, the supermarket stock clerk or anyone else we take for granted and just walk by it would and could make a difference in the lives of Americans who are working low-waged, low-skilled jobs.

McDonald’s will never close, because someone would take a position to flip burgers, fill french fry baskets and be a cashier. But what would happen if they did; ask yourself where would you buy your value meal.

By initiating and saying “Thank You” to service workers a movement can be started as we appreciate the workers, more of which are twenty years old and over are working to make a living and pay bills; some of them are giving plasma to supplement their incomes and feed their families.

I encourage you to say “Thank You” to one service person every day.

Let’s start the “Say Thank You” project. Let’s begin a movement to say Thanks.