Luke’s OrganicL chips has all the ingredients of being a healthy chip. Organic, gluten free, Non GMO, Vegan, no nuts, etc.

Like any new healthy type of snack, there is usually a story behind it. In the case of Luke’s it was started by Luke who at the age of 7 was diagnosed with celiac disease was looking for healthy snacks took it upon himself to start his own chip company.

There are several types offered by Luke’s Organic: Multi Grain and Seed, Probiotic Sprouted Grains, and others.

And what’s great about the story is that Luke donates a portion of the proceeds to the Red Cross for disasters caused by weather.

Kudos to Luke’s for their chips. In a crowded chip market there is a steady growing movement for healthier chips. Some would argue that healthy chips is an oxymoron, but with Luke’s, this may not be the case.