Yoplait yogurt has changed their packaging. Gone is the red wavy stripe, which some would say looks like a graph of a calculus function, is gone and has been replaced with an all white background.

There are 50 flavors of the their brand, ranging from plain, to key lime pie and pina colada that comes in a spherical cylinder.  They are less expensive because the serving size is smaller than the leader Chobani, Dannon and Faye tha come in 12 ounce circular cups.

The company began in France in 1965 when a group of farmers from six dairy co-ops came together for a greater good. They began to notice a shift in demographics as rural dwellers began leaving the hills of farmland for cosmopolitan cities  and urban areas. T

The passionate farmers took their cows with them,  as well as their taste and love for yogurt and merged the names of the two lead co-ops Yola and Coplait.

As a result Yoplait was born and is sold all over the United States.

The founders of Yoplait’s dedication to freshness and great taste has arguably made Yoplait the best-tasting yogurt in the world. And every choice made reflected that dedication.

What is nice about the new packaging deign is its elegant simplicity. With the red wave gone, Yoplait has moved to the center followed under it with the word “Original” written in elegant script compared to the previous package that was in print.

The five pointed leafy star has also been moved about the word Yoplait, where it was previously swirling around the letter “t”.

What I also noticed with the pina colada flavor, is that the image of the drink with the pineapple slice in the glass has been replaced with the image of a sliced pineapple and coconut instead. Indicating that this is a healthy food, and not to be thought of an indulgence of an alcohol beverage. The letters of the flavor too is also in red letters compared to black.

The yogurt industry is competitive and growing, thus it was smart for the makers and manufacturers of Yoplait to update their packaging and stake their footing that they are here to stay as the French farmers may have envisioned over 52 years ago.

So grab your spoon and bon appetit.