The only thing constant in life is change. So too is with change in frozen pizza packaging.

Tombstone Pizza has updated its packaging design. They have replaced the Tombstone in black letters against a white frame at the top of the package to white letters that are against a brick red background in the center of the package.

According to Wikipedia, the company was founded in Medford, Wisconsin, United States, by Pep Simek, his brother, Ron Simek, and two other individuals in 1962.[1][2] The name came from The Tombstone Tap, a tavern owned by the Simeks which was located across from a cemetery.[1][3]

The type of pizza, i.e. ‘Original’ indicated in the picture has also been moved from under the center of the Tombstone to the top left hand side above Tombstone. The popular inexpensive pizza is popular, maybe its in the name, but the shift in packaging may give it more appeal because of its simplicity and elegant makeover. The picture of the pizza itself, 4 Meat in the picture above looks professional and appetizing and does not show a slice being peeled off as it is in the original packaging.

Tombstone now joins frozen pizza manufacturers Totino’s and Home Run with changing their packaging over the past year. Let’s see of other pizza makers do the same.