With a New Year some of you may have made resolutions to improve the way you live. Some of you may have started going back to the gym or dusted off your membership card to commit to year of fitness.

Maybe you are going back to school to learn a marketable skill or resolving to break a bad habit like smoking or eating junk food.

Or maybe, you are going to change the way you buy groceries at your supermarket.

If so, congratulations.Here are three simple ways to improve your supermarket grocery shopping experience.

  1. Use more coupons to save money can help you save hundreds of dollars per year. Even if you are not a coupon cutter, grab a flier in your supermarket and use their coupons. You may also want to register for digital coupons too; this will eliminate the hassle of losing coupons. Also some food manufacturers stick coupons right on the packaging, which you can use at point of sale. The dollars saved will add up.

  2. Ditch the box of K-Cups from your favorite coffee and purchase a the bag of ground coffee instead and make your own K-Cups2. You will get at least double the amount of cups of coffee, — if not more, which translates into savings.

  3. Use a shopping cart instead of a basket. Studies show consumers who grab baskets buy more unhealthy food and spend more too. Regardless of the amount of items, stick with a buggy and save.

Perhaps you will also look more closely at the expired packaging dates to preserve the food you have without tossing unused food in the trash, — this can be another money saver.

Regardless of the changes you are planning to take action and make in 2017, I wish you health and happiness. If that means eating more fruit than potato chips or buying organic, make wise choices and enjoy your supermarket experience.