Eggos known for pancakes and waffles has updated their packaging promoting the food is made from natural sources and provides vitamins and the potential to add more fruit on your waffle (or pancake).

Owned by Kellogg’s, the company began in San Jose in 1953 by Tom, Sam and Frank Dorsa.

Originally called Freggos, the company has made it into the homes and has about a 73% market share of the waffle market.

The new design indicates what the product is and accentuates the word Eggo. I must say that I really like the new look. It is stylish.

Let’s take a closer look.

First, you will notice on the left side of the front of the box has a green background stating in print: “Goodness! That’s Tasty”.  In addition, Eggo indicates that it is made of Colors & Flavors (in yellow letters) from “Natural Sources”. Green is a color used to indicate natural, which is why the marketing department may have chose it to promote its image.

Second, Kellogg’s and Eggo are still in red script letters but are both against a yellow background, with Eggo being slightly smaller in font size.

Third, the blue wave, I like to call it, is no longer at the top of the front of the package, instead it is placed in the middle and moves it way to the top right hand side. Within the blue background will be the type of waffle or pancake (in the photo above Think and Fluffy are now on one line, with “Original Recipe”, which I wonder what the recipe is, falls right under. The previous design has Thick & Fluffy and Original Recipe are no longer two lines.

Forth, take a closer look at the waffles. In the previous package, the waffle looks crisper and has one strawberry compared to the new package that has three raspberries on it and the waffle does not look as crispy.

Fifth, notice the gold octagon with the words Thick Belgian Waffle. Yes, the brand wants to make the consumer aware of the natural sources, but it also wants to remind us that it is a still a waffle and that it tastes just as good as it did before.

The sixth and last change is that it has changed the design of 10 Vitamins and Minerals, which was indicated around a red frame is now with a bolder look with the number “10” in yellow letters against a black circular background, and Vitamins and Minerals in bold black letters.

This is a bold move by Eggo, with Aunt Jemima being competitive, where they provide resealable bags for their waffles and pancakes. Also, Aunt Jemima is known famously for its pancake mix and syrup.

I praise the new packaging as it looks to attract a new audience and keep their loyal consumers to keep coming back. Their “Thick and Fluffy” waffles are lower in sodium compared to their mini waffles, 25% DV per serving, which is a shame because my son eats that type. Eggo, can you make the “Minis” to contain less salt?

Nonetheless, the overall packaging change is refreshing and can only help the brand attract new consumers who may be looking for a box of healthier waffles, under three bucks.