As baby boomers and Gen Xer’s age, their experience of going to the supermarket is going to quite different as millenial’s become of age.

First, I believe millennials will be using their smart phones to order groceries online and have it delivered at home. They will shop inside a supermarket less, which is why companies like Walmart, purchasing, and companies like Instacart rapidly growing in market share anticipate a change in the shopping dynamics.

In addition, millennials will be using social media to enhance their awareness of events in supermarkets, maybe a cooking class or some local band performing. Whole Foods with their 365 stores is anticipating this change too.

Third, they want food that is both healthy and inexpensive, which is going to challenge supermarkets and food manufacturers to lower prices and sell more as margins shrink in a competitive industry.

Nonetheless, it is fun to watch the shift as marketers figure out ways to develop brand loyalty without forcing it down our eyes and throats (no pun intended).