I walked into The Fresh Market amid the classical music and free coffee and noticed a new brand of creamy peanut butter called Nuttzo.

They sell more than just peanut butter like almond butter and one made with seeds. They tout all of their benefits: Non GMO. Gluten Free, Organic right above the tag.

Nuttzo’s journey began in Pennsylvania and is now headquartered in San Diego. What is interesting about their container is that the jar lid is on the bottom.

Their product is not cheap, selling for as much as $17.99 in The Fresh Market, It must be good, because I did not see a clearance price tag.

Good luck to new ideas on making healthier food; too bad it cannot be offered to kids who love peanut butter but whose parents cannot afford the price, which is the same as a month subscription to NetFlix. Nonetheless, I admire the creativity.