I was fortunate to watch a mock sales presentation at the University of Florida recently.

The hypothetical client was MorningStar Farms, part of the Kelloggs company and was being pitched to run The O Magazine.

The pitch was well done, articulating the benefits and advantages being part of the premier women’s lifestyle magazine.

Then came the brilliant idea. One of the students envisioned a reader perusing through a digital issue, but when the reader comes across the MorningStar Farms ad they can click on the ad and then…

Buy it and have it delivered via an online delivery service like a Jet.com, Amazon Fresh, or Instacart.

Think of reading your online magazine and noticing a recipe you are interested in cooking, Fine, the reader can order the ingredients right from the content and have them delivered.

Talk about convergence; the opportunity is real and now for supermarkets and food manufacturers to engage with the reader. It was a brilliant idea and I hope to act on it.