I recall reading an article in Bloomberg mentioning that Aldi, the heavily discounted supermarket, is putting Whole Foods in a bind because of their prices.

Aldi has now built grocery stores in Florida and I’m wondering how much of an impact it will make on existing supermarkets like Publix and Lucky’s.

Some who know about Aldi’s, which is heavily based on selling its brand of goods to consumers said it will feel like a Trader Joe’s, European style.

The Independent Alligator, based in Gainesville, FL where two locations are just about ready to open noted from a customer already familiar with Aldi’s said “It’s like a European Trader Joe’s,” he said. “But slightly more Ikea.”

We’ll see if Aldi’s can put a dent in the supermarket industry. More supermarkets that provide good food at reasonable prices is what is in demand. Aldi’s needs to make sure it does not associate with Whole Foods, a supermarket based out of Austin Texas, known for its reputation of higher prices and being called “Whole Paycheck.”

If you have been to Aldi’s please share your thoughts.