Two brands of Organic, Gluten Free bean and legume based pasta has been added to my added to my supermarket: Tolerant and Explore Cuisine.

A 12 ounce box is expensive for these products, costing just under five  bucks.

Are you ready for a new wave of pasta that comes in various types of vegetables and legumes. It is healthier to eat for people who are sensitive to gluten. In fact this may be a new mega trend in pasta. Standard pasta is filled with carbohydrates. I recall listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast where he mentioned that all pasta is to an extent is sugar.

Let’s compare the brands and packaging of these two new players to the pasta market.

Tolerant Foods is part of MXO Global, based in Mont Royal, Quebec. Products that are offered by the company include organic black bean spaghetti, penne, rotini, fetticine. In addition, they also produce red lentil and green lentil spaghetti too.

A total of 12 products make up their product line for now. According to their website they received multiple food awards for 2016 including the Clean Eating Award for their Organic Black Bean Penne as well as the 2016 Eat This! Not That! Award. They have a picture of a young girl on the cover of their black bean penne box where there is a plastic covering to give the consumer a glimpse of what the pasta looks like.

In terms of their brand content you will notice that Tolerant is in white letters in which the font gives it a contemporary look that you may see on a cover of a children’s book against an orange background resembling a bubble in comic book when a character is saying something.

When I visited their website at the very bottom page they described who they are:

Making a difference in the lives of those who seek healthier lifestyles have food intolerances or dietary restrictions through naturally powerful, great tasting, legume based foods…

They are located in the gluten free section. On their site they did note that Brazil andI India produce the most beans on earth.

My first thought when I saw the packaging is that it was eye appealing and that the packaging was slightly grainy giving it the feel it was on recycled paper.

Explore Cuisine mentions in their media kit that they search the earth for the highest ingredients to create pasta based on beans, peas, lentil and rice. Their mission is to donate 2% of their proceeds to support the The Food To Thrive Foundation,

Their packaging is not as illustrative to Tolerant. Their brand name is on the top in a Times New Roman font that looks like it was italicized. Their website looks more professional than Tolerant’s in that it provides a media kit and more detail about their product in terms of nutritional information.

Non the less, both companies are new to the market and will potentially compete with the major players of pasta like Ronzoni, Barilla, Muellers, and others. If black bean pasta is gathering a demand look to see these companies to start mass producing it at a cheaper cost, which is why it is imperative for Tolerant and Explore Cuisine to heavily market their products and create a buzz, or risk moving to the clearance shelf of supermarkets across the country.

I am going to try each brand. I love pasta and if I can find a healthier alternative that is organic, gluten free, and plant based then I totally support the “Bean Pasta Movement”.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing each company grow and expand their product lines and end up in the supermarkets across the US.