When you walk into a supermarket are you able to get everything on your shopping list, whether it is handwritten or based on memory and impulse?

If so, congratulations and applause to you supermarket. If not, supermarkets need to focus on maximizing sales.

Today being Black Friday retailers, brick and mortar as well as online, are being overloaded with customers. So much, that the shelves can quickly go bare leaving hundreds of customers behind.

This happens in supermarkets too. Too many customers, not enough product on the shelf. That is why retailers must figure out a way to optimize sales. How can supermarkets maximize their sales?

Here’s a suggestion, hire more stock clerks and pay them more per hour, and reward them based on sales. A commission based system for stock clerks based on an increase of sales can be a smart thing for supermarkets to take advantage and grow their business as well as making the customer happy. In supermarkets, you need to have products on the shelves.