One of the perks of working in a supermarket is that the company rewards their employees a discount coupon to purchase a turkey at a reduced price.

I offered to cook the turkey this Thanksgiving for my family. I made sure to use my coupon. My total cost of the 11 pound, 6 ounce turkey was one hundred sixty-three cents.


That was the cost.

So I went ahead and purchased the Reynolds aluminum tray and Heavy Duty Reynolds wrap 50 feet aluminum foil, to place in the tray. I removed the giblets, defrosted the turkey overnight and keenly cleaned it so it would be ready for cooking before noon.

When I was working at the supermarket the day before Thanksgiving, which is what I call Black Wednesday, because this is typically every supermarket’s busiest shopping day in the US, based on the volume of customers ravaging and perusing the aisles to grab all they can to prepare the meal. Thankfully, customers are overall civil; I’ve never encountered a story on the Drudge Report or CNN, where two customers had a throw down over the last can of pumpkin.

In terms of cooking the meal, admittedly, I am assuming that at least 75 of women do the bulk of the cooking, My wife has prepared Thanksgiving dinners in years past, — and after the meal is cooked, she is exhausted and does not have an appetite. I totally understand

So this year I decided to do all the cooking. Yes some items I purchased like a sweet potato pie, was already made because I did not want to bake. Food manufacturers have done a magnificent job to make it easier for novices like me to prepare meals like Larry’s mashed potatoes as well as bags of Birds Eye Vegetable Steamers.

I did cook the stuffing, thanks to Stove Top stuffing making it so easy. It took just 10 minutes to make, — and I patted myself on the back because it tasted great. It tasted like stuffing. The Jiffy Corn Bread mix is next on my list of things to make too as well as Cranberry Sauce for my wife.

It is not taking long to get the meal ready and I am crossing my fingers that the main dish, — the turkey will taste good that appeals to my family as well as my two dogs who like turkey.

I am not a cook, but once I get immersed in a DIY project, it is empowering to do something without the assistance of others or having something previously prepared.

Regardless, I want to wish you an extremely Happy Thanksgiving. All the best that your turkey is cooked just right, regardless of the size, and type, i.e. a Tofu Turkey.

Feel free to share your recipe tips. We can all be cooks to some extent, with some practice, we can become better cooks

Enjoy your meal.  And don’t forget to thank the staff of grocery clerks and cashiers who supplied the food and service for you.

Don’t forget to thank and kiss the cook. It is easy to walk into the home of someone and complain about the meal, (think Peppermint Patty of Peanuts). If you do, then I suggest you cook next time. Let’s not ruffle (turkey) feathers.

If you need tips for cooking and maybe support check out for ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving! Let me know how your dinner went.