As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Thanksgiving Day is here and chances are (if you read this after the holiday) that you, or someone you know, is filling their shopping buggy to cook, then we must give credit to the brands that a “Thanksgivingian” (A person who specializes in the fall holiday meal).

If you are an expert chances are you are well aware and give homage to preparing a meal with Stove Top stuffing mix, Libby’s canned pumpkin, Hunt’s canned tomotoes and Swanson’t broth, Jiffy’s Corn Bread mix and so on. Let’s give these companies credit for making it easier to prepare and cook meals, ranging from a homeless soup kitchen or to a  senior citizen center to a family reuniting once a year to bond, or to argue.

Thank you food manufacturers for making this holiday what it is and our supermarkets for supplying shelf space for them.