Halo Top ice cream has been a happy new player to the ice cream market offering pints of ice cream, — without the guilt. You can eat the whole pint. Yes, the whole pint.

Publix and The Fresh Market now carry it; I’m sure other supermarkets will too. In my supermarket, we carry Vanilla, Chocolate  and many others.

The company owned by The Eden Company LLC founded in 2015, touts on their website for their low calorie (the label states the number of calories on the container), high protein and low sugar.

The big issue is the price. At Publix it costs $6.29 per pint. That is 25 percent above a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Baskin and Robbins, and Haagen-Dazs. But my customers love it.

On any of my shifts, customers, all female, middle-aged working class, ask for Halo. I stock it on Monday’s and Friday’s as it distributed by KeHe food distributors. By the weekend I would estimate that 75% of the product is sold.

At first, I thought my supermarket did not carry it, so I missed out on a sale or two. Then I came across it in the freezer coolers next to Talenti gelato and Breyer’s ice cream. When we restock them, they usually come in a case of eight they are sold out within days as I mentioned.

Halo offers 17 varieties but my supermarket currently carries five flavors, vanilla, chocolate, mint, strawberry and banana. And we only have four frozen shelf spaces for it.

Kudos to Publix for carrying it.