Ronzoni, the pasta maker that has existed since 1915, has expanded their varieties to consumer. They began by offering Gluten free pasta earlier this year, — now they went further by offering Super Greens and Organic pastas.

The century old company realizes they have to expand their product base as their competitors are coming up with new ways to innovate. Barilla Pasta has added new varieties as well as a new design, Mueller’s Pasta also sells Gluten free pasta and offers half boxes of spaghetti that makes it easier to cook and not break up the spaghetti. There are new types of pasta like black bean from niche companies popping up, thus it is a smart move by Ronzoni to step up their game and offer healthier alternatives for consumers who can pay a little bit more for quality.

The company based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has also announced that they are offer New World Pasta that is Non GMO certified to meet the needs and demands of their consumers.

I love their new box designs too for their SuperGreens and Organic pastas. Nice coloring on their boxes without too much content. Simple but not too simple. I look forward to sampling these new varieties when they are on on sale. Bon Appetit.