Two boxes of Jiffy Corn bread mix, collard greens, pie crust and apple pie filling, Libby’s canned pumpkin, Stove Top chicken stuffing mix, mashed potatoes, low sodium organic chicken broth, two cans of jellied cranberries, sweet potato pies — and of course the turkey, vegan style or a real bird are you ready for the holiday season. (I forgot to add so many other items needed, but I hope you get the picture.

Chances are you are participating in the holiday, either as an active participant or traveling to see family and enjoy the meal. If you are preparing the meal for six to ten guests, expect to fill up your shopping buggy and spend at least $150 dollars, — if your lucky,

In addition to the things I indicated you’ll need you may have to include, wine, beer, and spirits for guests, and don’t forget the gravy, marshmallows, and pumpkin pie. It can add up, but enjoy it.

The pressure is on the supermarkets to accommodate consumers. Accommodating is not that easy, especially if the employees are not involved and could care less about stocking the shelves. Thus, find the stock clerks that really want to help. and if they go above and beyond, let their managers or their corporate office know of the quality service they provided. It makes a big difference.

So please do your best not to get frazzled and swept up in the hoopla about grocery shopping for the big day. If your item is not on the shelf, always check a display shelf, or the store lobby, or you can always ask for help.

Happy Thanksgiving.