The dairy clerk in my supermarket checked through our yogurt and had to damage out over two hundred dollars in yogurt cups they were past the due date.

It’s a shame because this is happening in almost every supermarket on a bi-weekly basis. Pay the stock clerk extra to get it done.

I’m sure some supermarkets have it nailed down to a science to rotate yogurt and other dairy, meat and seafood products on a weekly basis.

However, I would argue many of the more than  38.000 supermarkets in the US don’t.

Supermarket managers need to ask themselves: What is more important saving labor cost of about $20 to $30 to have someone rotate dairy products like yogurt at least once a week or not paying a clerk and risking ten times the loss.

Who loses when food needs to get damaged out?

Everybody does. The consumer, the food manufacturer, the supermarket, the healthy food movement. More damaged food leads to either smaller margins or increased prices.

I see damaged food stack up every day: hundreds of dollars lost.

We have some major issues in the US and the world regarding food. We throw too much of it out. Millions of dollars per month.

Supermarkets please get your clerks an incentive to rotate dairy products. Free pizza works and a thank you too.