Great Grains cereal, part of the Post Consumer Brands, has rolled out their new packaging on their cereal boxes. The packaging is a complete overhaul of their original packaging.

On the left hand side you can see the previous packaging capitalized the “G” first letters in great gains. Now the new packaging enlarges “great gains” as it appears on two lines. Also notice the grain used as a dash to separate both words.

Someone must have questioned their ingredients because you will notice at the bottom of the new package has the term “High Quality Ingredients”. The brand is extremely popular in my supermarket; we easily sell hundreds of boxes, — especially when they are on sale as a BOGO (buy one get one free), and if I had to guess, they are appealing to moms and millenials because their packaging resembles the new Kashi design where it has two sections on the box: the content and a picture at the top and the ingredients. There is more empty space on the box for Great Gains and Kashi and a new look might attract new buyers, because you can see what you get right on their boxes

The new look is awesome: clean and crisp and a complete overhaul from their previous design. This is one of my favorite packaging design changes for 2016.

What is your thought?

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