Now that the national election is behind us I’m curious if the impact will affect the price of food in 2017 and beyond.

As the world population expands the demands for food production, especially healthier food, i.e., made organically, will rise too.

A closer look at the prices of food will be needed. It is not uncommon for families to fill up their shopping carts on average over $200 worth of groceries regardless of your disposable income. Over a year, families can look to spend over $10,000 per year to keep food on the table.

That’s scary to some consumers. Supermarkets know the competition is fierce and will continue to grow their market share: i.e. Amazon, Kroger’s, Google, Publix, Walmart, etc with a traditional brick and mortar store or have it act as a distribution center and ship groceries right to your door.

I think the other issue is to make healthy food accessible to every pocket of the world. We know what happens when you eat food with too much salt, sugar, or cholesterol.

The world is demanding healthier food, can supermarkets be an agent to provide it.