I am a stock clerk who happens to be a GenXer. I am not the greatest at Calculus, I code so so; I don’t play video games as much. Admittedly my SAT scores were horrible.

As a stock clerk, I am not the fastest in terms of restocking shelves and I do get tired walking on average about seven miles during a seven hour shift.

But here I am blogging about supermarkets, food packaging, virtual realty and going to Mars. This is the blog Malcom Gladwell, Oprah Winfrey or Elon Musk will never read.

Now lets talk about my millennial co-workers. They are smart, very smart. They aspire to start business, they know Calc 1, Calc 2, and Organic Chemistry. They love social media and their ear buds which can be found stuck in their ears after the supermarket closes. They usually score above 1000 on their SAT and they are well tested overall.

So I think they are super smart and figure out how to be effective stock clerks, merchandising the store with ease and precision. However, it is not the case.  I have to train them about the importance of merchandising the store and looking out for misplaced items in the store.  Then there are the trucks, especially those with frozen food on them that need to be moved. It takes more time to maneuver every pallet into a freezer and then all the lost sales. It can drive a GenXer crazy.

Thus and old stock clerk can still teach a millennial new tricks to be better stock clerks…and sometimes better people.

However, I really enjoy working with the millennial. They are open minded without trying. Some are slackers, some have admitted they can be lazy. Nonetheless, they show lots of promise and many would make outstanding supermarket clerks and managers.