I noticed two different packages of cauliflower rice bags today one for Birds Eye and their competitor Green Giant. Both packages look similar. The bag are white and the design was simple.

Let’s look at the packaging. At Publix you will see both packages side by side. The Birds Eye  Riced Cauliflower bag is blue and white with what the cauliflower dish looks like on the left hand side compared to the Green Giant bag is light green with their dish in the center of the package. They both highlight what is NOT in their bags, like No Artificial Flavors in the Birds Eye meal and No Sauce or Seasoning in the Green Giant – Riced Veggies – Cauliflower Medley package.

What is also quite noticeable is that both bags at Publix each cost $2.99 and they have purple tag lines; Bird’s Eye indicating Lightly Sauced Cheese and 5 Grams of Carbs and “Vegetable Medley” in white letters against the purple background. Purple indicates royalty and may soon indicate loyalty as consumers may try both and see which one suits them best in terms of quality and health benefits.

Both products are new and for a vegetable like Cauliflower which is not as popular to its green relatives like broccoli and spinach. Cauliflower is now broken down into rice, which may make it easier to consume for those who are not big fans of the white vegetable. Both Birds Eye and Green Giant both have other cauliflower products too positioned to children like veggie tots.

We’ll see if these products will gain momentum or end up getting a clearance tag placed on within three months.