When you walk into any supermarket do you even think about the men and women stocking your shelves, ringing up your groceries, walking you out with your buggy, cleaning up a mess of tomato sauce jars broken in the pasta aisle?

If you answered no,  I completely understand because you want to buy groceries and just go home. But if you are the least bit curious, I’d like to tell you who stock clerks and any supermarket employee is.


They are men and  women, black, white, Latino, Indian, Asian. They work long hours, as families wait for them to come home. They are young, old. middle class, lower class, upper class. They have high school and college degrees, or did not graduate high school. They are you and me, — and they are doing work that many of us would refuse or laugh at or feel sorry for. Some are computer programmers, others are not. They are problem solvers, marketers and analysts. They lift hundreds of boxes. They are young and old, some with bad knees and a hunchback walk.

But the bottom line is that the stock clerk cares to benefit you: the consumer.

Stock clerks are a bedrock for any supermarket. If it was not for them, you would not see food, water, or any grocery products on the shelves.

So next time you see your stock clerk, thank her or him and show gratitude for a job many would never indulge or appreciate.