I know this is a crazy thought but what is the possibility to have a supermarket on planet Mars.

Visionary entrepreneurs have been working tirelessly getting there. Elon Musk building rockets to fly and return with SpaceX and Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, and his secret mission to also build rocket ships with Blue Origins.

Since we are sending people to Mars within the next 20 years to maybe live, until we hop to the next planet, in order to survive may require fasting on one hand. On the other hand requires food, lots of it.

So why not build a supermarket on Mars. How will it get shipped? What is the shelf life? Can we farm or eat salmon on Mars.

Yes, these are questions waiting to be answered, but it doesn’t hurt to start asking now. Before you know it, we will see a lot of firsts as we head and explore Mars.

So why not think about building a supermarket on Mars.