When you walk past an associate in any supermarket, whether a stock clerk or a cashier keep in mind this…they are also a marketer.

The marketers (us) are on the front lines of the business. We engage with clients, asking for permission, and we are available for them to answer questions. We have a memorized script to engage with our customers to keep them and build trust.

Thinks of McDonalds when they ask you: “Would you like fries?” of “Will that complete your order?’, the top supermarkets are ready to engage with their customers.

Ironically, this did not occur when I went to Whole Foods in New York City. I was not engaged or greeted. In fact I felt like a nuisance asking a question. To my dismay I was surprised. Maybe in larger cities the  staff do not become marketers, they are just workers, the rank and file making a paycheck. Too bad. I like Whole Foods despite their issues but they can do better if their customer service acknowledges patrons shopping in their supermarkets.