One of my responsibilities as a grocer it’s the merchandise cat food cans… literally hundreds of cans of cat food. The cans are made of a quasi-solid container in the cupboard all types of flavors salmon beef turkey tuna liver you name it there’s cat food with that. The problem we encounter is that these cans can’t have a dent in them or are in perfect so to speak. And this can happen often special old is little cans merchandise. The question is if a customer buys one of those dented cans will a cat know if the food is alter doesn’t taste the same we are making progress in the pet food industry by customizing foods for all types of cats and dogs the cats food is big business. 


If you are a pet owner and has bought a Kanab that the food I apologize in advance but half wall the supermarkets we are trying our best to preserve food make revenue I keep our customers always happy to hopefully a cat won’t mind I don’t have cats so I’m not sure but if they do I love to hear your story please share it on this blog.