Have you noticed lately that there are more supermarkets being added in your area? Or that your CVS or local Target or Walmart is selling grocery products. Add to the fact that a megatrend is taking place of having groceries delivered to your door is gaining traction and that means that the competition for your disposable income will continue to grow.

According to Progressive Grocer Magazine there are 38.015 supermarkets in the US. In 2014, it was also reported that sales exceeded $638 billion. Wow. In ten years we will may see over $750 billion in total sales. Kroger, the largest supermarket, has stores in 34 states. Companies like Publix. Aldi, Whole Foods, Lucky’s and other are breaking ground in other states.

This is good news for US consumers, who are looking for better deals and products. The consumers will decide what products they like best and demand more.

A market analyst in a nice suit may not be as important than a stock clerk who, in theory, may not be educated, but can easily gauge the market just from observing sales in their supermarket.

Make your pick, who is going to help you buy groceries: a stock clerk or a market analyst?

Happy shopping. Enjoy your food and find a supermarket that best fulfills your needs.