Admittedly, I’m obsessed and intrigued about the possibilities of Virtual Reality (VR) and how it melds with Reality Reality (RR). Will we be introduced with a new acronym (VRsquared)

I envision when we have a bad day at work or at school and then go back and retrace our steps in a simulated virtual environment,  to correct and alter the circumstances thanks to our VR headsets and dream about what could be to what actually was or vice versa.

VR, I believe, is forever going to alter our lives as people immerse themselves in that world for as long as they are able too.

According to a study by Neilson in 2014, individuals on average use technology for 11.38 hours per day. Throw on a pair of VR headsets and that average can rocket up to 15 to 16 per day. Heck, people may sleep with their headsets on that puts themselves in some type of trance to alter the reality.

With our VR lens on we will have a new pair of eyes viewing the world, and possibly the universe if people like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and others have their way.

Using VR we may be able to simulate a perfect world: do all the things we envision in a positive way to change ourselves and transform.

Our reality is going to change in the next two years. What is real may be virtual, if we choose so.