Gulden’s the mustard maker which is part of ConAgra Brand, has recently updated the packaging. The maker of spicy brown mustard has created you to look on its  spicy golden mustard.Looks pretty good and gives the package containing a more elegant professional clean look.

The brand goes back to 1862 when Charles Gulden opened up his first mustard shop in the south part of New York City next to the port where he could obtain mustard seeds and vinegar.

The company has kept its famous recipe a secret for over 140 years.

Now if you look closely at the new label you’ll notice that “Gulden’s” is still smack in the middle with its long white letters against a reddish background. The golden seal still remains at the top (and admittedly, I like to take a closer look at the seal to see what’s indicated on it). The new label has removed the ribbon’s 100% Natural tag written in blue as well as the Spicy Golden Mustard label in yellow letters against a brick red background.

The new label has enlarged the font size of Spicy Brown in an Aril or Baskerville Font and the word “MUSTARD” is now in capital letters and looks to have an Arial font. The term is against a purplish looking background and is separated by an uneven line that looks like two hills with an upside down arrow. The design looks intriguing. For the mustard brand that is third in the market behind French’s and Grey Poupon was smart to update their label.

Now here is how the new package positions itself: As a dietary food.

You will notice at the bottom right hand side, against a grey background, that each serving is 5 calories per serving. In addition, goodbye is the natural ribbon and replaced with “Fat Free Food” written in thin yellow letters.

Does purple indicate that a product promotes diet and weight loss. Purple can be related to royalty, but I guess it also corresponds to weight management and good health.

As minimal as the change is, as I mentioned earlier, it is a great one, positioning its label as a dietary item. Think about it, if you are eating a sandwich loaded with cheese and meat, the guilt may subside when you add a tablespoon squeeze of mustard on top. Don’t forget that their recipe is made of the ingredients turmeric, a healthy root, vinegar, a natural cleaning agent and of course, mustard seeds.

I am a big fan of mustard and its health benefits, — but now the brand has brought to life its dietary benefits. I have been a subtle critique that manufacturers make it almost impossible to squeeze out all of the mustard for a 16oz container. Not that many consumers care, — they probably toss the container into a recycle bin when they cannot squeeze out one more dollop of the yellow substance. The price of a container is very affordable at less than two dollars for brands like Gulden’s and French. A lot of mustard remains in the bottle when you discard it. I would recommend making the opening a little wider so you can grab a spoon to scoop out this delicious tasting mustard.