Picture this: you have a microscopic computer chip inserted by a rep from Intel into your forearm or the back of you neck. Now imagine you firing it up and place on a VR headset to simulate flying a SpaceX rocket to the moon.

You may be thinking that sounds great having an awesome VR experience in space, — but why the chip (and I’m not talking about a potato chip). The chip will probably track how your body is processing the experience and perhaps help you retain information.

This may be far fetched, — but there are things I think, more like obsess, about on a daily basis one being virtual reality and its potential to alter the way we experience life and all of its possibilities. A virtual world may allow someone to walk when they are paralyzed or learn to operate machinery or hit a 90 fastball from Stephen Strasburg or be a leader of a virtual city or country, — or maybe a classroom.

The potential of VR is endless. Endless to the point where people may get so hooked on the technology that they carry their VR headsets with them all over the place kind of like we treat our mobile phones as an extension of our body.

I remember taking an online course in iTunes about the game A Second Life, a game where you interact with people in a virtual world using your laptops. The topic fascinates me and I highly recommend listening to the course for free on iTunes U if it still available. With VR the the headset now becomes the laptop and you can walk in the game.

If you think I’m kidding them I recommend reading Kevin Kelly’s book:

The Inevitable:

Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future

Kelly a tech genius and pioneer sees VR as a technology that change the game in terms of the way we live and engage with others.

I 100% agree and in ten years our lives will be so much different. Enjoy the ridud.