According to a report published in the Wall Street Journal, Facebook will now provide  a food  delivery service. The social media giant, which has reported 1.71 active users, is launching an effort to further engage their massive audience by allowing their users to order food and deliver it to your door.

GrubHub, the apparent leader of the food delivery service, experienced a slight setback in their stock price that has appreciated 73% year to date. With Facebook throwing its hat in the ring delivering food, it further adds to the case of the megatrend for food and groceries being delivered to your door. Companies like Jimmy John’s who differentiate themselves with fast service that is delivered.

Will this put a dent into the sandwich makers like Subway, Jersey Mike’s,.Firehouse Subs, — or will Facebook have a messenger pick up sandwich ordered at these sandwich shops.
Regardless, the story is interesting as the option to have more and more products delivered online and delivered to your door grows.

Enjoy your food.