Marie Callender’s, the frozen food manufacturer who also has restaurants in five states: California, Utah, Idaho, Texas and Nevada ranging from frozen dinners, pot pies, cakes and pies  has updated their packaging.

It is not a complete overhaul of their previous design. For example, the brand name Marie Callender’s has been moved from the top left hand side of the box to the center as indicated in the pic I took above for their 4 pack of pot pie’s. The letters are still in white with  a cursive font against a green background. The picture of the product has been bolded to give it a more pronounced image on the front too.

What I also found interesting is that the description of within the image of what looks like a letter size Manila envelope has changed to straight letters and now appears on the left hand side, which is a very smart move because we read from left to right, compared to the previous package where the description appeared adjacent to Marie Callender’s.

What is also interesting is that the number 4 indicating the amount enclosed is larger and thicker in terms of the font where the letters look to have been updated to Arial.

Their products are pretty popular with Gen Xers and older consumers. The update will help those visually challenged get a better look of the entire package as well as recognizing the brand.

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