Soy sauce, a staple seasoning used in the US and in many, many parts of the world offers a reduced sodium option.


I went to purchase a small 5 ounce  bottle of Kikkoman reduced sodium soy sauce thinking the content will be lower compared to a regular bottle.

It was, but my goodness, there is still a lot, and I mean a lot of sodium (salt) in the container.

I turned the the bottle to the back and stared at the serving size of 1 tablespoon (15 ml) contains…get ready…575mg of sodium which is %24 of the Daily Recommended amount.

Now can we just use one tablespoon of soy sauce, which is probably the serving size in one of those little packets you get in any Chinese restaurant. My guess is that there is a manufacturer with a lower amount of sodium in their soy sauce.

If so, please sell it at my supermarket.

So make sure to check your serving of soy sauce, especially if you are prone to high blood pressure or salt in general. It still may be very salty.