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By ROB blogger for Grocer On A Mission

I remember Pets.com in 1999

where they were the talk of the tow in term of pet products
Now when you click on the site it goes to Petsmart one of the top Pet Food companies.

Fast forward 16 year later and now a new player has emerged:


No, it is not the title of the next Star Wars movie featuring Chewbacca.

The website will deliver pet food products to your door where you can shop 24/7 and get deals the more you spend

The company will deliver within 1-2 for free for when you spend over $49.

Will it work?

Similar to jet.com, the grocery website recently purchased by Walmart, Chewy.com offers an opportunity for consumers to pick what they want and ship directly to your house.

All I can say is that delivery of food and grocery products of all types is going to expand rapidly and has the potential to affect traditional brick and mortar supermarkets.

It has happened in the retail thanks to the retail giant Amazon dirupting the market for good. Will Chewy do the same for your pets?