No food manufacturer company wants to announce that they are shrinking their package content. I know Publix and Domino Sugar shrank their 5 pounds bags of sugar to 4, while orange juice manufacturers like Tropicana shrank their 64oz cartons to 59oz.

Now, Birds Eye is doing it for their vegetable steamers.  The company recently updated their packaging to make them a deeper, royal blue, that now has a long oval shaped base to stand up in your supermarket freezer,  however, — if you did not look carefully, the package size are shrinking 120z to 10.8oz. A ten percent decrease.

Yes, the conscious consumer will take notice. Some consumers will be irritated by it. In Publix a Birds Eye Creamed Spinach Steamer costs $2.59 and still does with the updated packaging.

Will this affect overall sales in the short-run. Probably. You may never see a food manufacturer boast about shrinking their content of food by 10 percent. In the long-run, this may not be an issue. People will get over it and appreciate the convenience of tossing a bag of frozen vegetables in the microwave and heating it up to eat.

It will be interesting to see if it’s competitors, like Green Giant follow suit. Green Giant vegetable bags can stand up in your freezer.

On a side note, yes the change is a positive move for BirdsEye but the bags still not stand upright in the supermarket freezer.

I look forward to who will disrupt the frozen food steamer market with bags that will stay in place in your supermarket freezer.