Picture the day when consumers slap on their VR glasses and walk up and down the aisles of a supermarket, and with lasers eyes point at a product or perhaps hold an item in a holograph, select what they want, place it into a virtual buggy, (shopping cart) check out a virtual cash register, engage with the virtual cashier, hold up your mobile device so you can use your virtual coupons and pay electronically. The supermarket will then assemble your shopping cart and ship it to your house within an hour.

How’s that for service. Can and will this be pulled off. Yes,  I think so. Jet.com and boxed.com are on the forefront of a bigger trend as consumers look for ways to buy time.

Admittedly, being in a supermarket is a good way to decompress and think about things, — however in a busy world, time is precious and if this can be an option for consumers then all systems go.