Scotchgard™ known for its fabric, carpet, outdoor, auto and kitchen stain repellants products has updated its packaging metallic can. Gone is the plain can and it has been revived and replaced with a cool, hip look that its target to be positioned toward millennials, apartment dwellers and aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to impress people while hosting a house party and not have guests damage their cool looking furniture..

The company is part of the 3M has been around since 1952 when the original formula for thanks to two of their chemists 3M chemists Patsy Sherman and Samuel Smith. Scotchgard began selling its products in 1956. In 1973 Sherman and Smith received a patent for the formula. (source Wikipedia).

So gone is the robotic looking white can with their product taking up two lines and that has been replaced with a can that a person can relate to that has the product it is helping right on it, for example a sofa. The sofa on the previous can looked outdated and unappealing to the eye. Also notice that Scotchgard is placed against a diamond and the word is now displayed diagonally on one line.

The look is refreshing and I don’t know when they changed their can previously, but the new upgrade will not repel, rather it could attract new customers. The plastic top that keeps in the sprayer protected has changed to a clear cap compared to the white cap and know longer indicates that the product was made in the USA.

Go check it out and protect your new furniture.

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