A clerk is simply defined in the Merriam Webster Dictionary as a someone who works in a store. It is actually a British word, which I found interesting.

As I write this blog post it is Labor Day in the US . We should thank those who are working on this holiday. All the stock clerks, restaurant workers, retail workers, car salespersons, etc.

Labor Day is a holiday that signifies the end of summer, the beginning of school for millions of children and teenagers as well as the beginning of new ideas and innovations. We tend to take for granted that work has changed for many ayou nd many people are out of work on one hand, whether it because of technology having replaced them, and some are working two to three part time jobs to make ends meet.

So I encourage you to thank the stock clerks who are working today. They are under appreciated  because they are doing the work many of us won’t or look down upon.

Be kind and say thanks to those who served you.