I opened up my mailbox yesterday and amid the direct market solicitations I unfolded the papers with ads to market a wide range of fast food and services from  Mspark, the direct marketing company.

One of which was from jet.com, the online grocery company.

This is the second solicitati0n that I have received from the online grocer who was acquired by Walmart for $3 billion. The ad came in the form of a giant business card with above average paper stock to promote their service. And I almost tossed the papers away until I noticed the jet.com promotion, so your response rate for just acknowledging the ad is greater than zero percent. I would love to know what their direct marketing response rate is. Direct marketing bugs the customer to get their attention rather than asking to be part of it, so in this case it got my attention. Taking action is another story.

I still have the card, but being a grocery clerk for a top retail supermarket I am not sure if I would ever utilize their service, — at least not yet.

It will be interesting to see if their service will gain traction and what method works best in terms of marketing. How long will it take for them to convert curious prospects into loyal, or at least, curious customers.