Wow, the market for potato chips is huge. So huge that I look for the company that is going to step up and do this:

Change the bag packaging to have it zip close on top.

Yes we love that potato chip makers are producing chips that are baked, organic or made with organic products, gluten free, no or low sodium, reduced fat.

But what about improving the packaging bag.

Here are 3 possible benefits of a better bag?

  1. People who love paper chips may love them even more because they will know that they do not have to take down a bag of chips during a binge sitting of Stranger Things on Netflix or an NFL game fearing that the chips will grow stale when we crumple down the bag to lock in the freshness.
  2. Another huge benefit is that it could teach kids portion control (and not cause a mess when the bag of chips falls on the floor). We love eating potato chips and include them with any type of social occasion, and having the awareness that you don’t have to eat one bag in one sitting but rather you can zip up the bag and place it back into the pantry would be fantastic.
  3. The third major benefit is that it would reinvent how we appreciate potato chips in terms of how we store them in our pantries. I never like the thought of my chips going stale because I forgot the clamp the food clip to close the bag. With a zipper it will seal the bag more effectively and make me savor the product.

     The disadvantage would be for the food manufacturer in terms of cost. However, disrupting the market could be a game changer in a multi billion market.  See chart below from, Source (Grocery Headquarters, IRI).

Potato chip companies have the opportunity to disrupt in a huge way with a zip closable bag. We have ziplock bags for MorningStar Farm products breakfast patties, what would happen if we had the same for potato chips.

I admire companies who make food and snacks that are healthy. I really love

Sales of the leading potato chip brands of the U.S. 2016  


Sales of the leading potato chip brands of the United States in 2016 (in million $ U.S. dollars)
Lay’s 1,696
Wavy Lay’s 538.2
Pringles 532.2
Ruffles 527.2
Private label 426.3
Lay’s Kettle Cooked 295.5
Cape Cod 210.7
Utz 192.5
Kettle 158.7
Baked Lay’s 84.5