Totino’s Party Pizza who this year updated it’s packaging ditching the card board boxes and circular shape of their pizza with plastic packaging and rectangular shaped pizza.

The result has been a dramatic difference in the sales.  I don’t have numbers but during my shifts working in the frozen food department I have noticed that their pizza is selling a lot more. If  I had to guess I would say their pizza sales are up in my supermarket is up 15 to 20 percent per day. In other words, if they sold 5 pepperoni pizzas per day with their boxed container is now selling 6 boxes on average per day, which results in 7 more sold per week and about 350 more packages more sold on an annual basis.

In addition, since the update in their packaging to plastic has seen an almost 100% decrease in damages. Frozen pizza sold in boxes, I have seen can open or rip, compared to plastic packaging which can hold. I rarely see any Totino’s back stock in my supermarket’s freezer.

So I question why aren’t other companies jumping on board and making the switch, i.e, Newman’s, DiGiornio, Red Baron, CPK, and Amy’s among others. I will try to tape a pizza box, but customers are picky, and the slightest alteration they see with a frozen pizza box, they will immediately push it aside and grab a box that has not been altered.

Who will be the next disruptive pizza company who updates their packaging to save time, reduce costs and engage the consumer to buy. Maybe you.