Looking at the blue screen on our iPhones too long emit rays, especially at night may cause cataracts to form in the long term. Not to put a pin the party balloon but, potentially, virtual reality viewers could experience similar issues to those who view their iPhones or other mobile devices where the blue screen emits its rays penetrating your eyes and causing premature damaged eyes over the long term.

I have faith that VR devices can be handled and viewed in a way to benefit, entertain and educate the young, elderly and middle agers. We are still in the very first inning of VR, which really makes it exciting for the potential it offers, i.e. flying on space missions, performing rock concerts, etc.

My recommendation to viewers of VR headsets and iPhones is to scale back the blue screen mode on these devices are else we may encounter an epidemic of early onset cataracts. I overheard a conversation with an eye doctor who had a patient walk into her office and had cataract issue due to the use of looking at the blue screen of their mobile device, — and her patient was 19 years old.

Take care of your eye health. Scale back your blue screen and don’t worry about the image looking perfect, instead worry more about the long-term health of your eyes. I immediately dialed back the blue screen and won’t look at any emails I receive in total darkness.

The sk”eye” is the limit for VR and technology.  Hold on and enjoy the ride, — but just take good care of your eyes. Being able to see is a blessing. Don’t take it for granted.