I just heard a report on the news that sitting at your desk job is not healthy for you and create long-term I’m helping a fax down the road like heart disease. Not for any stock clerk where you work 7 to 8 hours straight sometimes on your feet racking up about 6 to 7 miles walking alone. 

How’s that for being healthy. 

So yes we are not putting spreadsheets together however we are working and being healthy at the same time wow solving your problems finding products.I once had a desk job sitting in my cubicle for hours and hours thinking I was doing something productive and I  probably was  but no honesty it really wasn’t. Now I had a staff to manage is well three women all competence or hard-working got the job done quick. But I would not stop them lto go out for a cigarette break and walk around pretty much almost on the hour and you know what I was OK with that. 

However we had a gym in our company and a person who facilitated it work for an outside company who happens to know the owners pretty well. So ironically my staff got the job done decide to walk around maybe smoke a cigarette maybe talk about work maybe think about something productive get out the cubicle but every time they got back to their office seat and sat back attheir cubicle  and was told by my manager thar the gym manager said he always caught them outside at their desk. 
Hmmmm I thought, how could a guy who teaches people how to exercise and get fit tell my worker all female that they were doing something wrong or perceived as not doing the job because they were always out and about on their feet. 

Now according to the news report workers at a desk job should be moving around every hour or else restaurant health and for this person who I will not name tell my staff that they were not doing that work should be a little bit ashamed of himself. Do you earning no more than $10 an hour probably more productive than many of the world is not a departments for any other company and they were told they couldn’t walk around the building. 

Hopefully if your middle manager I recommend getting out of that job if you want to simple situation start your business work for someone who’s more tolerance of others specially female workers grossly under paid and mostly over the work. 

And if you run a business or a department let your employees walk when they want to if they get the job done I am applying to be a stocker girl cashier for a company get your exercise them you’ll be better off in the long run.